Saturday, 18 June 2011

All set and ready to roll

We are now set and ready to roll tomorrow morning.  Both bikes have been reassembled and taken for a spin.  It will be good to finally get under way.

On the way down from Toulouse we stopped near Pau for a quick lunch and the feel of the Tour (de France) is all around; the following pictures were taken at the service station ...

I do hope it isn't quite that steep!  Our fellow tourists are now all assembled, 14 in total, one lovely Australian guy who's come over especially (that's quite some trek for 6 days riding through the Pyrenees!).  And a couple of the inevitable 'when-Is'.  Hopefully though Dave and I can just do our own thing and it would be really good if we weren't pulling the train again this year LOL!

From tomorrow, if the technology behaves itself, we should be able to post our stats and some course profiles for you to see along with some pictures.

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