Friday, 17 June 2011

Mmm, worst nightmare scenarios ... naked cycling anyone?

Nous sommes arrivez en France!

Zut alors ... ou est mon sac ...

I have my bicycle (and for a cyclist this is the crucial, irreplaceable thing) however, I have nothing else.  Not strictly true, I have the clothes I am wearing (think fighter pilot protocol with underwear this morning ... thank goodness I bought perfume in duty free ... ), a bag with my electronic essentials (Garmin, heart rate strap, netbook, phone, camera, even my Zen) and that is it!  And my helmet is with the bike, alas my bike shoes are not!

I have just jotted down the contents of the missing bag and it's probably at least a £1,000 worth of kit, amazing how it adds up if you replaced it all in one go!

So today, instead of chilling out in the sunshine and wandering around Toulouse as tourists we have to go back to the airport and see if the bag arrives on the first flight in from Heathrow.  If not, I then have to buy enough 'stuff' to get me through 6 days and 450 miles of cycling.

Hey ho, all good fun.

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